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积极和差异化的og体育首页体验是茁壮成长的关键. What do your customers and constituents perceive about their experience at your organization?


出色的og体育首页体验绝对是关键任务. 在当今竞争日益激烈和og体育首页越来越挑剔的世界, og体育首页所经历的体验会改变游戏规则. 卓越的og体育首页体验, that makes the “unfair advantage” come to life is paramount to a company’s success. 

According to research, 80% of businesses surveyed say they are delivering superior customer service. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, only 8% of corresponding customers surveyed felt they actually received a superior customer experience. Based on this disparity, it is easy to see how elusive achieving solid og体育首页忠诚度 can be.

不管你是否在美国公司工作, 高等教育或非牟利, every organization stands to improve in designing and delivering customer experience improvements that leads to improved and long-lasting brand loyalty.

Research shows that organizations that excel in the area of customer experience are among those that are growing the fastest, 在很多领域, 以一种更有利可图的方式. 因为顾客是聪明的, the quality of service they receive often is more meaningful than the product they receive. Every organization needs to be in constant pursuit of customer service excellence that enhances og体育首页忠诚度 and is based on customer service metrics and the related analysis.



转换解决方案 specializes in og体育首页体验(CX) and Customer Service Improvement projects. These engagements include examining both the internal and external customer experience (or “journey”) and understanding the “moments that matter.“TSI的方法是独一无二的,因为og体育官网专注于人物角色, 流程, 技术, 角色, 以及其他环境因素, 所有这些都将以og体育首页为中心的方式进行审查. 最终, our projects will improve important end results that span customer satisfaction and retention, 服务质量, 内部效率. 最终, og体育官网想要帮助你,让你的og体育首页对你更加忠诚, 基于他/她在贵公司的工作经验.

转换解决方案 has completed hundreds of Customer Experience projects. This work has spanned a wide variety of industries to improve performance in business, 行政, 运营技术重点领域. 这些领域改善了og体育首页体验, 供应商的经验, 以下方面的员工经验和效率:


og体育官网og体育首页体验利用og体育官网的设计思维, 再造, 精益, 质量, 优化技能. These projects begin by gaining a focused understanding of the Voice of the Customer and clearly defining the key expectations, og体育首页的远景和战略方向. In other words, we work with you to define your organization’s “unfair advantage”.

从那里, we progress into a Customer Experience analysis focused on streamlining and simplifying operations. The end result is a set of deliverables that aim to enable growth and create value.

每个项目都使用og体育官网的专有工具和技术, 结合居民的洞察力和最佳实践, 快速评估og体育首页的业务流程性能. 评估结束后, we create an implementation plan that enables these transformation projects to assist in the reinvention of an enterprise. og体育官网的方法详情如下:

步骤1 启动项目(明确项目目标和成果)

步骤2 定义og体育首页背景

步骤3 定义当前状态进程

步骤4 分析当前状态 & 技术差距

步骤5 定义未来状态改进过程

步骤6 创建一个推荐的行动计划并实施建议

og体育官网的专业知识, 建立在og体育官网独特的方法之上, 工具, 和技术, creates a customized solution that allows strategic initiatives to be incorporated into the fabric of an organization.


Customer experience goes beyond just providing good customer service and far beyond when the customer makes a purchase. TSI uses a variety of 工具 和技术 to understand and improve the total experience to create a long-lasting rational, 情感, 知觉的, 还可能对顾客产生精神上的影响.  

实现og体育首页服务和og体育首页忠诚度的突破, og体育官网将利用og体育首页分析的声音, 通过理解与og体育首页相关的关键人物角色. We will map the current customer experience and analyze the “moments that matter” so we can define an improved customer experience.

This often starts with developing self-awareness after one’s process is documented and analyzed in the following ways:

  • ETDBW(做生意容易), was this process from a customer service and customer experience perspective? 
  • 你的og体育首页会如何评价你的整体体验?
  • 这有什么影响呢 og体育首页忠诚度?
  • 除了交易的效率和效果方面, did the transaction have any 情感 connection from a customer experience perspective that left the customer with a memory that was more positive, 中性的:中性的或消极的?

最后, TSI concludes our customer experience improvement projects with specific and detailed recommendations that we typically help to implement. 并行, og体育官网定义关键绩效指标,以便og体育官网能够真正, 并客观地衡量og体育首页服务体验的影响.