Organizational Change Management Consulting

“It’s far easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting.”

Why is Organizational Change Management Important for all organizations?

Organizational change management is not simply a good idea, if one is interested in remaining competitive and efficiently operational in today’s global climate of change, it is essential. Successful change occurs when organizations focus on, define, and institutionalize change to reflect missions, visions, and organizational values. By effectively managing change in a world of constant disruption with demand for response and innovation, institutions can innovate and remain competitive to meet the needs and changing environment of the world around them.

Change can occur at many levels and can take shape using many tools and approaches. Whether focusing on people, process, policy, or technology, change is inevitable. By fostering and managing change strategically, we help organizations intentionally build strong foundations and implement the use of best practices and tools to navigate their most challenging enterprise, unit, program, and project-level change initiations. 

Organizational change management meeting

Why Work With Us?

TSI fosters Organizational Change Management (OCM) in a very applied manner. Based on extensive research and best practices in OCM and refined by hundreds of projects, TSI has developed an entire methodology and pragmatic approach. This approach helps organizations manage change effectively so that client teams experience project success with minimum disruption.

Not only do we implement OCM strategies for our clients and organizations, TSI provides detailed training and mentoring on OCM, measures change readiness at multiple levels, and constantly monitors the levers, both from an individual behavior perspective as well as from an overall or group dynamic. Since TSI’s approach looks at OCM in relation to other improvement efforts (such as a process or performance improvement project, or a technology strategy or program management project), we have the opportunity to interweave it in other tasks and activities. This multi-dimensional approach makes it real and reinforces strategies to “make change stick”. Ultimately, our approach engages the people side of change to help stimulate sustainable change and build sustainable, meaningful relationships surrounding change initiatives.

TSI has assisted a number of clients proactively (and at times, reactively) address their most difficult OCM challenges. These projects have ranged from:

  • Develop and execute an Organizational Change Management work stream within a complex CRM implementation
  • Tailor an OCM training workshop for a number of key leaders for the varying roles they will need to play as part of a major transformation
  • Assess executive and other stakeholder change readiness
  • Define, analyze and improve how the organization works today and how it should work
  • Improve handoffs and flow of work, communication and information – between suppliers, vendors, departments, customers and other key constituents
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities in a manner that improves workflows customer satisfaction and controls
  • Define current performance including customer satisfaction, loyalty, cycle times, service levels, quality and other factors
  • Determine how to improve performance levels

What We Do

Organizational Change Management Methodology

TSI’s organizational change management methodology is our customized approach to manage change. The methodology has had such great success that several of our clients have purchased and adopted the methodology across their own organizations.

As illustrated by the diagram below, TSI has an extensive set of tools that facilitate the management of change to dramatically improve a successful implementation of technology, process and people change. The approach follows four main, ongoing and cyclical phases including:

The approach is not a purely linear, therefore strategies for managing change enter and shift through the various phases continuously. As the approach cycle through the phases, it progresses through several levels from “getting started”, “digging deeper”, to “moving to transform”.

Due to the intellectual property TSI has invested in our methodology, we intentionally do not share additional OCM details on our site. Contact us to learn more about our unique approach.

Tools We Use

As illustrated by the diagram below, TSI has an extensive set of tools that facilitate the management of change to dramatically support the successful achievement of long-lasting and meaningful change.

TSI values our customers and their progress and experience. We firmly believe that we are only as successful as our last project and aim to support all clients to optimize change and transformation initiatives. We need our clients to implement change that makes a positive difference. This is why we balance the proven process and organizational change management approaches that steer our projects, while being flexible and adaptable.